Help Me Choose

Most photos you choose will work really well but here are a few pointers:
1. What Photo Works Best?

Make sure the subject is in focus, not over or under exposed and not too far away from the camera – if the subject fills most of the picture then you probably have a great photograph for a cutout

2. What about the background?

The background will be cut away from the main figures but try to have some contrast between the subject and the background – move the black Labrador puppy away from the black stable door.

3. Legs and Arms

Try not to cut off too many limbs on the left or right of the image – although a cutout from the knees or waist upwards works well.

4. What about Fishing Rods, Ski Poles and Guns?

Gun barrels, ski poles and fishing rods are extremely delicate once on a cutout. Try to ensure that these aren’t protruding in the air too much as they will be liable to break or snap off. See the sample photograph on this page.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you very much for coping with the photo, cutting it beautifully, organising the date strap and posting it to us.  I always love your packaging and think it’s really too good to open.  But now it’s on our mantelpiece and will be much admired.

L.C., London

Just a quick note to say it out creative cutout was the perfect present – The Kids loved giving it – James loved receiving it and Mummy loves it in the kitchen – who could ask for more. A million thank yous for doing it so quickly it is amazing.

Thank you so so much

J.B., Hampshire

Just to let you know that the cutouts have arrived and I’m thrilled with them. Expect a flurry of orders when all my friends see them!

F.H., London

Once again I wanted to thank you both for doing such a superb job of making our latest cutouts. I adore them all and it’s going to be difficult to give them away, although I never had any intention of giving away the family group, I shall hang onto that one for posterity!

I’ve been recommending you to all and sundry and shall continue to do so. You are both so clever.

Mrs K-B., Wales

Just to let you know they have arrived and look fantastic, thank you so much.  If only his birthday was sooner!

J.P., Essex

It is here and it is great. Thank you so much for your help. My husband had tried two other firms and not even got a response to his emails. I found it so very refreshing to have a real live phone call from you with actual practical help. Do not ever let your firm have an answering service with the press 1 press 2 press whatever bit. It is so nice to talk to someone, in a language that I can understand, and arrive at a way round the problem.

I hope Ben likes it, it looks just exactly like him to… Read more

K.H., Northampton

Thanks so much for the speedy cutout arrival; It is all extremely professional and beautifully made/presented. It is superb quality and if you ever need to use it for any adverts/website, that’s fine with me.

L.S. Hertfordshire

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the Poodle cut out. My mother loved it and didn’t stop crying for hours apparently!! Not quite the reaction I wanted but it was the perfect way to keep the memories alive. Thanks again.

J.M. Fulham

Just to say a HUGE thank you for the brilliant cutout of horse and rider! I know Susannah will be really thrilled to get that and it was brilliant of you to get it to me on time….

Very best wishes

A.T. Edinburgh